photo by 小野康太
(Kouta Ono)

Hiroshi 寛
Drums ドラマー
Jennifer ジェニファー
Bass ベース
Tom トーム
Guitar  ギター
Sumireko すみれ子
Vocals ボーカル


Formidable riffs, cavernous rhythms and soaring dreamlike vocals shake the streets of Tokyo and combine to form female fronted post-metal doom band Client/Server.

(un)Known as a noise/ambient band from Boston, the group was founded in 1999 by married duo Tom (formerly of punk/annoy band PigseX) & Jennifer (formerly of electronic-beat unit Hard Luck Woman Movie). During this era, they released two albums.

In 2008 the couple moved to Tokyo and took a hiatus until 2012. Switching genres, they took up guitars and made a less chaotic yet still noisy music they named Tokyo Dronecore.

After releasing their third album in 2015, they performed a liveshow where they re-interpreted songs by Black Sabbath. The experience changed Client/Server's approach to a heavier riff-driven music style.

In 2019, Hiroshi (formerly of speed-metal band Go Blank After Death) joined the group on drums and influenced them to take a more structured approach to their songwriting. Unfortunately, less than a year later, Corona spread across Asia and forced Client/Server to cancel a tour and take yet another years-long hiatus.

In winter of 2022 the band was contacted by Sumireko (formerly of post-metal solo project EXPIATOR), who joined the band as the vocalist. Her otherworldly voice blends in with the murky, trampling sound of the strings and percussion to create Client/Server's current sound.

In 2023, Client/Server's first release as a four-person band shatters the former ethos of Client/Server, grabs the lifeblood of their non-conformity to combine familiar elements of doom metal and post-punk and forges something unexplored.

Client/Server is the whisper
Client/Server is the shout
Client/Server is HEAVY BLACK NOISE


Hexentanz With No End

"monumentally heavy, slow and severe"
- Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life