1999-2000 Client/Server

Influenced by drone acts such as Flying Saucer Attack, Windy & Carl and Bardo Pond, Tom & Jennifer decided to record an album in the same genre.

Tom played guitar and Jennifer used a BOSS SP-202 Dr. Sample and a Korg Electribe EA-1 to create tape loops, found sound samples and background tones to make a soothing annoyance of sounds. They mostly played the Boston area and sold maybe 10 CDs of the 1000 that were pressed. On September 30, 2000 Client/Server played their last show on their wedding day on the shores of Lake Champlain.

2001-2002 end of client/server

In the spring of 2001, Tom and Jennifer reunited and started playing an improvised soundtrack to the last 45 minutes of the classic anime film End of Evangelion at several live events. They toured the East Coast and hammered out actual songs that fit the images of the movie. When they returned to Boston they recorded the results of this and released their second album, this time selling as many as a dozen CDs of the 1000 that were pressed.

end of client/server were prolific during this period, playing with such great acts as Animal Talk, The Barn Owls, Black Helicopter, Major Stars, Consonant, Octoapendigal Duo, Retsin, Overflower and Binary System.

On an unknown date, client/server quietly ended.

2012-2013 (rebuild of) client/server

In 2008 Tom and Jennifer relocated to Tokyo. In the summer of 2012, Jennifer bought a guitar and forever said goodbye to the sampler and electribe to fucking shred the strings. The two of them practiced for a few months and began using drum loops to add rhythm to bring the formerly swelling drones under control. Heavily influenced by the recent incarnation of Swans, they decided to turn the drones tribal and ear-bleedingly loud.

In January of 2013, Hayano joined. He added the soundboard effects to his saxophone and added a new layer to the assault of client/server.

In September of 2013, just south of Otsuka station, client/server was rebuilt.

2013-2014       Client/Server : Q

Sonoko joined on bass and added another aspect to the structure of client/server. Four members and one drum loop strong, client/server has claimed the throne as the royalty of Tokyo Dronecore. Loud, abrasive and warriors, this is Client/Server : Q.

2014               CLIENT BLOODY SERVER

Sonoko leaves, but the dronecore lives on. Client/Server will rewrite and perform seven Black Sabbath songs for the Tokyo Dronecore generation.


Client/Server has traveled time for the future of Dronecore. They have become forever. Doom and drone riffs fill the sound. It is over. It will begin. Eternal Client/Server is always.

2015-2016        Client/Server is Kill

when were you when cleint/sever legend dies?

i was sat at home drinking when mom call

‘client/server is kill’

2016-2017        Client/Server物語

We came not to mourn music, but to bury it.

2017-               Client/Server Loves You